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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  January 1, 2012 7:00am-8:00am PST

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happy near, amer happy new year, america. this morning, countdown to iowa. we are just two days away from the first big test of the 2012 election and the beginning of what is looking to be a long, hard-fought journey to the white house. just how critical are the iowa caucuses to winning the ultimate prize? boom or bust? new hope in the new year that the struggling economy may finally bounce back and new clues this morning as to just how close we are. what it means to your bottom line. new year, new laws. from state crackdowns on immigration to restrictions on tanning to even louder fireworks, the new year is coming in with an explosion of new rules and regulations. which ones are stirring up controversy, and which ones are just plain weird? new year, new prophecy?
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the ball has dropped. 2012 is here, but while the world celebrates, are there people who are secretly dreading it? just why does the year 2012 strike fear in the hearts of some? ready or not, it's here. good morning, and happy new year. it's a pleasure to start this new year with you and alongside my friend and my co-anchor bianna golodryga. >> happy new year to you. >> thank you. >> you know, as much as i love our job, it's always a bit disappointing that we can't be out there with the folks out in times square at midnight when the ball drops. we have to be in bed a little earlier but it's still a festive day. >> although we start this new year without the hangover. >> that's right. >> not bad. we have a lot to get to this morning, including huge political news. iowa just two days away. we also have a bunch of ways
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for you to start off this new year on the right foot including three simple things you can do to get healthier in 2012. celebrity trainer harley pasternak is here with advice on your fitness resolutions. and i want to stress this point, these are simple tips that actually work. resolutions you can actually keep. >> are you going to be getting fit in the new year? >> yes. >> buff. >> huge. won't fit into this suit anymore. all right, but, dan, you can start that healthy living after that brunch today. and, boy, we've got some delicious new year brunch ideas. "top chef" judge gail simmons is here with some tips for entertaining. plus a little hair of the dog with a spicy bloody mary. obviously, yeah, i won't be drinking any of that. >> no, can't drink when you're -- how many months pregnant? >> six months. >> that's something to look forward to in this new year. also, we want to let you chime in with your thoughts of the new year. a special edition of "your three words." >> one of our favorite segments. but first this morning a check of news and weather. good morning, everyone. happy new year. millions of people turned out across the country to celebrate
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the new year. hundreds of thousands packed new york city's times square as lady gaga and mayor michael bloomberg led the countdown. >> three, two, one, happy new year! and in las vegas, fireworks were shot from the rooftops of eight of the city's casinos while in seattle fireworks were launched from the top of the space needle and lit up the sky. it was a troubling start to the new year in los angeles. at least six more car fires were reported last night, part of the worst wave of arson in that city since the 1992 riots. abc's abbie boudreaux has the latest. [ sirens ] >> reporter: chaos overnight as firefighters battled more suspected arsons throughout los angeles adding to the already outrageous total of more than 40 arsons in and around hollywood in just three nights. >> it was done while people were sleeping, and that's the scary part. >> reporter: 13 fires set
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ablaze in just two hours early saturday morning, most of them in north hollywood. luckily, no one was injured. investigators calling this the work of a serial arsonist but are not sure how many people may be involved. >> i don't have any suspect that's being detained at this time as part of our investigation. >> reporter: most of the fires began as car fires, but the flames quickly spread to apartments and nearby structures. already hundreds of thousands in property damage. at this large apartment complex, a woman seen crying because she couldn't breathe from all of the smoke. and this man grabbed his garden hose to help put out a fire threatening his neighbor's home. >> got a hose and started putting it out. she called the police, and luckily it was just the car. it didn't get to the house. >> reporter: helicopters circled the scene searching for suspects, but no arrests have been made and still no answers to a mystery that's leaving angelinos feeling uneasy this new year's day. for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. and now to politics. and your voice, your vote with just two days until the iowa
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caucuses, a new poll shows mitt romney leading but another republican candidate is now surging and threatening that lead. abc's jonathan karl has the latest from iowa. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: mitt romney is riding high in iowa. >> dance until midnight, you guys. >> reporter: a new "des moines register" poll puts romney on top, followed by ron paul, rick santorum, newt gingrich, rick perry, and in last place, michele bachmann. the poll conducted over three days shows long-shot rick santorum to be rising fastest. look at the last two days of polling, and he surges to second place. long ignored, he's enjoying the new-found attention. >> we've still got a ways to go but we're on the move. nobody else is, and that's pretty exciting. >> reporter: gingrich falling fast puts the blame on all the negative ads that have been aimed at him and suggested soon he may fight back. >> we're learning a lot about what our opponents will do.
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they are nastier and more dishonest than i have expected. >> reporter: no candidate has slid further than bachmann. she won the ames straw poll in august and is now left looking for divine help. if you don't come in first, second or third, can you continue? >> i am going to be the next president of the united states of america. that's why we're here right now. >> reporter: it looks like she may need a miracle. jonathan karl, abc news, des moines. >> and dan will have much more on politics in a minute, and jake tapper will interview michele bachmann and ron paul later on "this week." and this morning, iran is claiming that it has produced its first nuclear fuel rod. iran was forced to manufacture its own fuel rods because of international sanctions. the u.s. and other countries fear that iran is trying to develop nuclear weapons. and finally, some good news to are ink in the new year. banana sam, remember him, he was stolen from the san francisco zoo back on thursday, he has been found. the squirrel monkey was returned last night, two days after he disappeared from his cage with holes in that cage. sam was found at a nearby park where a man says he spotted him
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and managed somehow to get him into his backpack. time now for the weather. expect changes in the weather for the midwest today with cold and strong winds moving. meanwhile, in the northeast, mild temperatures with a high all the way up to 55 degrees here in new york city. high temperatures will soar all the way to 82 degrees in los angeles today and contrast, only 24 degrees in minneapolis. that's a look at the national forecast. >> dan, back to you. >> dan, back to yo >> dan, back to you. >> thank you. as we kick off 2012, we are
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just 48 hours away from the moment when the presidential race finally switches from the politicians and the pundits to the voters. your voice, your vote. just two days away from iowa and here to talk about that and more, political commentator margaret hoover and senior columnist for "newsweek" and "the daily beast," john avlon who also happen to be married to one another. not usual for me to conduct a political interview with people who are holding hands. absolutely. right, especially in the tenure of the time these days. all right, so how big a deal is iowa? >> iowa is a very big deal, but not necessarily for the candidate who wins. it's important because what the person who wins does to the momentum of the race and to the other candidates in the field, remember 2008, mitt romney was widely anticipated to run. he outspent huckabee 7-1. his loss to huckabee actually debilitated him for -- his momentum for the rest of the season.
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if gingrich doesn't pull it out to win, he'll be significantly weakened. >> ron paul, the "x" factor here. >> he is the huge "x" factor. this is the wild card. for awhile you've seen ron creeping up in the polls. people have been competing for that conservative alternative to mitt romney's spot. ron paul's rising at the right time. ron paul's crucial difference, his supporters aren't fickle. they are deeply dedicated. and they're going to show up at the caucus and caucuses are high intensity low turnout elections so their impact really is just as margaret said is about establishing the media. it's about figuring out what candidate is going to be the alternative to romney. the end of this month, you know, one month from now, january 31st is florida. in this month all the -- every sing the, you know, facet of politics is going to play out. this is going to be an intense fast and furious political month. >> so if iowa is not decisive, what is decisive? is it new hampshire? >> well, it's decisive in these early states and we saw this in 2008 as well. the momentum to build. beginning with iowa, into south carolina, into florida, it's the narrative momentum that builds in the news story so iowa is
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important. but it doesn't mean that the person who wins iowa gets the nomination. >> historically that's not been the case. is there a state that you have to win or you're not going to -- >> by the time you get to florida, florida is not going to go proportional -- it's not going to be winner takes all, it's going to go proportional, but i think by florida, you'll know. it's such an important state for republicans to win this time that you'll have a very good sense of where it's going to be. >> in new hampshire, independents get to vote. that's big. social conservatives carry south carolina where my folks live. florida becomes the tiebreaker january 31st. >> so do you think this is going to be a long, protracted fight for the nominee? >> i think this could be -- unless one candidate pulls a rabbit out of a hat and wins three out of four, i think we're looking at a long, protracted fight with mitt romney having thele edge because -- >> no love? >> you can't buy love. i mean, the beatles told us. and they were right as it turns out. >> they were right about a lot of things. >> will it be long or not? i think the answer to that question rests on what happens in iowa.
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and that's what happens in two days is so fascinating. if ron paul pulls it out, this could go long. if newt gingrich pulls it out, well, mitt romney is in trouble. if he does well again in south carolina, this could actually come down to a mitt romney/newt gingrich horse race, and it could be finished sooner than the protracted june determination. >> if you're in the white house, are you rooting for a protracted fight? >> yes, absolutely. don't you think the white house wants a battered and bloodied republican nominee? absolutely. all of the opposition research has been done for them. all of the ads have already been cut for them. all of the narratives are already in place. they've already sunken into the soil and taken root. >> the signs are, president obama's approval ratings are inching up in contrast to the chaos in washington. and you look at the chaos in the republican field and that compounds it. the longer it goes on, the better for president obama because he's got top economic numbers. that's a vulnerable incumbent unless there's chaos in the conservative movement. >> john and margaret, adorable couple, sharp political minds. we appreciate it. thank you very much. >> a pleasure.
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>> happy new year. >> happy new year. >> appreciate it. >> bianna, over to you. >> all right, dan. if that couple doesn't represent bipartisanship, i don't know what does. let's turn now to the economy. it is, of course, the number one issue in the race of the white house. we saw some glimmers of hope last year, so will we see more in 2012? and will it be enough to finally turn things around? chief investment strategist at charles schwab & company liz ann sonders is always looking ahead and is joining us with more. good to see you, liz ann. happy new year. >> happy new year to you. >> let's look back at 2011. it started out with lot of promise. we saw it dip down in the summer, and now things are starting to pick up again. where does that leave us going into 2012? >> look, i think the second half of the year is more indicative of the growth in the economy. i think a lot of what we saw in the first half of 2011 were a lot of one-time factors. we had the disasters in japan. we had the big weather issues that impacted food prices in particular. and we started to see a lift in the second half of 2011, particularly into the latter part. and i think some of that is likely to continue. that momentum will
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continue into this year. >> what is driving that momentum? particularly at the end of last year retail sales were up, car sales were up, as well. home prices were even and the housing market improved. what's driving that? >> i think it's a little bit of everything. we started to see improvement in job growth, that improves confidence. and we saw that in consumer confidence numbers. we saw the drop in the unemployment rate. the stock market started to perform a little bit better. that has a high correlation to retail sales. and then, frankly, i think we've gotten to the point where there's pent-up demand and there's frugality fatigue. i think businesses are tired holding back, consumers are tired of holding back. the income gains and now the job gains are sufficient enough to provide a little bit of a lift. >> and yet the wild card still remains europe and what happens there. there is that crisis, it could that affect us in 2012. how? >> the phrase being used, they're kicking the can down the road with these minor little short-term fixes as opposed to a long-term solution. the problem is the road on which
7:14 am
they're kicking the can is starting to get a little bit closer. what we will like to see is void a lehman brothers-type crisis over in europe, that triggers the big moves that need to be made. but i do think that we will continue to be at the mercy, probably at least for the first few months of this year to what is going on in europe. >> it's been said that president obama's biggest weakness is what happens in europe, not even necessarily what happens here in the u.s. but how important is what happens in washington to the overall economy this year? >> you know, i'm not sure if this is good news or bad news but if you think back to the last summer, the summer of 2011 when we had the debt crisis negotiations, it was such a huge hit to confidence, business confidence, consumer confidence because we really first started to see how ugly things had gotten. i'm not sure if it's good or bad in that we're getting almost immune to it. we're getting used to the chaos in washington, and it may help explain why business is getting back to the business of business. consumers are getting back to the business of spending. the stock market is starting to look a little bit better. we're starting to ignore the -- >> bypass washington.
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quickly, jobs, number one issue for americans. do you see the unemployment rate go down again this year? >> probably not at any kind of rapid pace, but i think the slow improvement that we have started to see recently, i think that's likely to continue this year. >> all right, let's hope. liz anne sonders, thank you so much for coming in. >> my pleasure. happy new year. >> dan? >> slow improvement, better than the alternative. thank you, both. every year on january 1st thousands of new laws go into effect in cities and states across the country from taxes to immigration to the fireworks we use to celebrate the fourth of july. these laws will impact just about every aspect of our lives. and abc's david kerley is in washington on this new year's day with a look at some of the new regulations. we're going to have to live with them. dave, good morning. >> reporter: happy 2012 to you, dan. you know, 40,000 bills were introduced across the country in different legislatures last year. thousands are new laws as of today. and a couple of them cover an issue that is in the top five issues for most americans. states are taking matters into their own hands on immigration policies.
7:16 am
today, new laws go into effect in south carolina and georgia. and already alabama's law is causing controversy. >> if the federal government would do their job like they should be doing, states would not have to pass any of these bills. >> reporter: these states are following arizona's lead. its law goes to the supreme court later this year, which could turn all of these efforts on their head. >> states are very frustrated by the lack of action on this issue from the federal government, and they really have no choice. >> reporter: gay rights are getting a boost today. california is starting to include the role of gays and other social and ethnic groups in history classes and textbooks. >> we're denying our students a very important chapter in history, a chapter of civil rights. >> reporter: actress bo derek has to be happy this morning, she helped pass a ban on soup. >> our shark populations are being decimated probably 70 million a year. >> reporter: so no shark fin soup starting today in california and oregon. also today, the golden state is banning children from getting a golden tan inside.
7:17 am
a new tanning bed ban on anyone under the age of 18. >> that's great because 80% of our sun damage occurs before age 18. >> reporter: and reason to celebrate in michigan if you like fireworks. for years, residents have been banned from bottle rockets and bigger blasts. many would travel to surrounding states to buy their fireworks. today they can buy at home. celebrating the fourth and paying michigan a fireworks tax for the pleasure. now i don't know if there's a law before young children, but in california, there have got to be some kids that aren't too happy. there's a new law today that says they have to stay in their booster seats until they're 8 years old or 4'9" tall. bianna, i think there are a lot of 7 years old who are unhappy in california. >> if there was a state to have a lobby for that, i do think it would be california. david, happy new year. we're going to switch gears now and tell you about another story. for most people new year's a cause for celebration. but for some, this year is a cause of concern, concern that
7:18 am
we've only got a year left on the planet. you probably heard this, that according to an ancient mayan prophecy, the world will end in late 2012. we put our own dr. doom, ron claiborne -- >> i'm dr. doom. listen, i don't want to ruin your new year's day, but there may not be, friends, a new year's day 2013. may not happen. archaeologists in mexico have found a tantalizing artifact that mentions the year 2012, and that discovery is now adding fuel to what for some people was already a burning question, will the world end at the end of this year? behold, the end is coming next year, that is, if you believe that kind of thing, here's another tantalizing piece of evidence. a brick discovered in the ancient mayan ruins of comalcalco that cites the year 2012. that's the exact same year mentioned on a 1300-year-old tablet previously found in the nearby ruins of tortuguero with this intriguing inscription.
7:19 am
>> it's basic saying that the deity appears on december 21st of 2012, and he descends, and he performs a ritual. >> reporter: which has led some people to say these signs point to december 21st, 2012 or maybe the 23rd as doomsday. in the movie "2012," that fateful day begins with california plunging into the sea and then things really get bad. >> look at me, do i look scared? >> reporter: we, of course, have been here before. there was y2k at the end of the last century, and the california prophet of doom who predicted the biblical end of days earlier this year. >> it's almost like we're out there looking for evidence of a looming apocalypse, and i think that also ties into a lot of uncertainty that exists in our world today. >> reporter: skeptics say that
7:20 am
the mayan inscriptions actually say nothing about doomsday. >> there's no real prophecy that says this is going to be the end of the world, not from the mayan ruins anyway. >> i can think of a lot of reasons to cash out and run away with your family these days to a desert island, but this mayan prophecy isn't one of them. >> reporter: or is it? and, of course, for every sign that doomsday believers cite, skeptics come up with a rational rebuttal. and they can point out the indisputable fact that all the previous prognostications of doom isn't exactly work out. after all, we are still here. but i suppose the only way we'll know if the world ends on december 2012 is to wait till december 2012. by the way, the 21st, which some people think is the last day on earth is a friday. so if nothing else, we get that weekend off and forever. >> always the optimist. >> looking on the bright side. thank you, ron. happy new year to you. >> happy new year to you, dan. >> coming up on "gma" this new year, new you,
7:21 am
celebrity trainer harley pasternak is here with three simple tips on what you can do to get healthier this year. and they actually work and look at that big smile. my hope for the new year is to travel more. >> our hope for the new year is to end hunger. >> my hope for the new year is sky dive, ride a horse and get into grad school. horse and get into grad school. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] be bold. introducing the new blackberry bold.
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my hope for the new year is for the environment to be considered. >> my hope for the new year is to get into a med school. >> to find a major. >> my hope for the new year is for my baby. >> a lot of hope and optimism for the new year. you see these. >> my hope for the new year is that you'll put these on. >> and here she goes. 2012. here we are come. >> that's proof that you can wear anything and make it look good, bianna golodryga. >> thank you dan. and i am bianna golodryga. good morning, everyone. it is sunday, january 1st, 2012. happy new year. >> thank you. i'm angling for co-anchor of the year here. i'm dan harris. coming up, three easy things you can do to get healthy this year. resolutions you can actually keep courtesy of celebrity trainer harley pasternak, co-host of the new abc daytime
7:31 am
show which we're calling "the revolution." >> not to undo the good things that harley is trying to do for us, who's up for bunch? i know you always love brunch. gail simmons is here with some simple and delicious recipes to kick off the new year. >> the breakfast tart looks incredible. i'm ready for that. plus, you sent us your wishes and resolutions for the new year. those are coming up in a little segment we call "your three words." but first let's get a check of the morning's other news and the weather. >> bianna and dan, good morning, again. good morning, everyone. in the news, at least six more cars were set on fire in los angeles last night bringing the total to more than 40 in just over 2 days. it's the worst string of arson to hit l.a. in nearly 20 years. police think there is likely more than one person setting those fires. with just two days until the iowa caucuses, a new "des moines register" poll has mitt romney in the lead followed by ron paul and rick santorum. meanwhile, there's new hope for newt gingrich and other candidates who failed to qualify for the virginia primary, virginia's attorney general will approve emergency legislation to include them in the virginia primary. prince harry will
7:32 am
reportedly make good on a promise to climb mt. everest. harry told a group of wounded servicemen told them that he would join them on the challenge this coming may. but the third in the line to the throne is not expected to do the full climb because he doesn't have enough time to train. and it was a record-setting end to the year for two stunt drivers, two riders in san diego, robbie maddison on a motorcycle and levi lavallee on a snowmobile simultaneously -- look at them there -- they jumped over more than 1,500 feet of water. each set a new world record for their respected vehicles. it's time now for the weather. a winter blast into the midwest from minnesota to michigan where cold and snow are forecast. it's all heading to the northeast this way. but before it does, it's another mild day in the northeast. the western states will have tranquil weather with mild to warm temperatures. the high in phoenix, 76 degrees and a foggy start to the new year from florida all of the way to alabama. high temperatures in the east will range from only 24 in minnesota, minneapolis, to 78 in orlando.
7:33 am
in texas, 61 in dallas and out west, 47 degrees for seattle. all of the way to a toasty 82 degrees in los angeles. that is a look at the national forecast. >> that is a quick look at the and w >> that is a quick look athe >> that is a quick look at the news and weather. back to you, dan. thank you. statistics show that about half of us are waking up this morning resolving to change something about our lives in this new year. and right at the top of a lot of people's lists are working out or losing weight. so we want to help you get healthy in 2012. and to do that we've got celebrity trainer and co-host of a new abc daytime show called "the revolution" which is starting in 12 days, and harley pasternak is here. first of all, congratulations. >> thank you. >> we're happy to have you.
7:34 am
three steps, number one? >> first of all, walk. it's really simple. get a comfortable pair of shoes and start walking. studies show that people who walk are happier, healthier and lighter. more control over what they ate. new study showed people that walk an extra block are less apt to eat chocolate, believe it or not. >> really? >> yes. so at least 10,000 steps a day. grab a $5 pedometer if you can. walking is really great. the second, structured fitness. actually do a workout. you don't have to join a gym if you don't want to or buy a $10,000 treadmill. something about 25 minutes a day, a resistance program. buy a book, get a dvd, do something. get your muscles moving because as we get older, our metabolism slows down, and our muscles need to stay fresh and stay active in order to keep us burning calories when we sleep at night. >> so commit to -- structure a workout and commit to it and just make sure you do it every day? >> 25 minutes at least 3 to 5 days a week would be ideal. on top of that, fiber, fiber keeps you feeling fuller longer. fruits with edible skins or edible seeds, vegetable,
7:35 am
whole grains. you want to have at least 40 grams of fiber a day. reduces a lot of the health issues that we have to worry about from heart disease to different kinds of cancer. fiber keeps you fuller longer. >> if i'm going shopping, what types of products should i be looking for? >> look for cereals which have at least 10 grams of fiber per serving. look for breads where you can actually see the grain in the bread. it's just no a white simple spongy cakelike substance. try fruits and vegetables with edible seeds such as peaches, plums, blackberries, raspberries, things that make you -- we say make you go to the bathroom, but there's a lot of truth to that. >> harley pasternak, pleasure to have you as part of our abc family. i feel healthier just sitting next to you. >> i can't believe i'm looking over at what gail is going to be doing to us next. >> i know, i know. >> but she's great. >> she is. >> all right, thanks again. breakfast tart, always a winner. for more of harley's great tips, please head to our website
7:36 am on yahoo! and "the revolution" premieres on january 16th. coming up, some great brunch ideas from "top chef" judge gail simmons. >> hi, my hope for the new year is to record an album. >> my hope for the new year is to volunteer more. >> to see more friends and family. >> ask for world peace. >> ask for world peace. ds and family. >> world peace. ♪ the softest bear on the web... a new bedtime story: added to cart. watching her play with the box instead: priceless. your mastercard makes sure you don't pay for unauthorized purchases, not online, not anywhere. that's credit or debit mastercard. that's priceless. [ coughs, sniffles ] especially when you're sick. now, with new simpler packaging,
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well, it's a good thing that dan just gave you some fitness tips in the last segment, because now we're going to give you something you're probably going to have to work off. a fabulous new year's breakfast brunch spread. gail simmons, a judge on one of my favorite shows, "top chef," is here to kick off the new year, and we're starting off with -- what is this -- a breakfast tart? >> yes, well, we're actually -- first of all, we're going to need a little harley pasternak when we're done. that's okay, because it's going to be worth it. the most important thing about new year's you want to create a brunch that's easy. so you're not spending the day cooking. you want it to be fun, a little football. you know, something delicious but you also want to make it special and compliment-worthy for your guests, right? so i have a great starter for the new year. it's actually a breakfast pizza, i'm thrilled to be partnering
7:40 am
with pepperidge farm pastry on this. it's an ingredient that i keep in my freezer all year round. you can get it in the frozen section of the grocery store and it's so easy to use. you have instant pizza crust any time of the year. breakfast pizza. i'm going to start with a sheet that i've thawed and i'm going to make a few little pricks in it and i scored it all around the edges which will make it form a crust. i have some shredded potatoes, some sour cream and cheddar cheese. this will be sort of the savory baste of the pizza. i'm going to mix it all up. then i'm going to spread it onto my pizza itself. >> that looks diabolically delicious. >> it looks easy too. >> i promise it's easy and it's delicious. >> dan is a huge pizza fan. >> yes. >> me, too. me, too. >> how do you eat this? do you just hold it up? >> that's exactly how you do it. yes. so once i'm done, exactly -- >> face first. >> i'm going to spread it right on, evenly spread it over the pizza crust. you put it in the oven, 15 minutes at 400 degrees and it comes out looking like that. that looks great, doesn't it? do you want to help? >> sure. >> do you want to sprinkle some
7:41 am
of the sausage? as you sprinkle it, i'm going to crack the eggs and leave the corners open. this is a great thing about pizza, you can make whatever topping you want. you can do it however you want. i love using sometimes onion jam. you can use -- top it with arugula at the end. you can put some eggs and parmesan. you know, you can -- garlic, whatever you want. i'm going to crack four eggs. one into each corner. then it will sit because of this crust that we just made really easily, right? and then once i'm done, i put that back in the oven another 10, 15 minutes until the eggs are set. it comes out like this. sprinkle it with some scallions, black pepper to finish. then you're done. >> that looks great. >> you can rip off some of the crust -- >> you can. you can eat it any way you want. it's great. this is one of my favorite things. >> this is something that's easy enough that i could probably do. >> i swear -- wow, i'm very, very honored. >> i burn toast on a regular basis. >> excellent. well, i can give you a lesson or
7:42 am
two, and i will not judge. >> brunch is one of his favorite meals of the day so he is paying attention. >> all right, let's put it up to ron claiborne. >> have a test. i have some pork, braised pork meatball sliders. pickles and parmesan. also great for brunch while you're watching the game. go for it. >> i'll try that. >> i also have some raspberry and white chocolate hand pies. something sweet at the end and a bloody mary bar with all of the fixins'. >> the bloody mary we should note is a virgin. >> this is a virgin. you can put alcohol in it if you want. but we made the virgin for you. >> i do love virgin bloody mears. >> this is a really good spicy mix. >> thank you so much. before i eat my meatball, you can go on our website -- all of gail's recipes are on our website, "good morning america" on yahoo!. coming up -- you go ahead. coming up, your words -- your week -- your year in three words. that's what i'm trying to say. keep it here.
7:43 am
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7:47 am
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